Great Expectations

I have seen how much of a problem can be made with wrong and old expectations… Take food for example. I expect a jello fruit salad and bite into a jello beet salad. I don’t receive it as intended but as I wanted, so it’s terrible. I bit into a steamed bun not knowing what’s inside. I find eggs, pork, onions, spice wrapped in sweet bread. The mouthfeel is rough at times, like beancurd. All flavours I know but combined differently, and never eaten for breakfast. 

It’s not what I expected.

At that moment I have a choice. I can be disappointed it doesn’t match past experiences, or, be thankful and appreciate a new experience. It doesn’t taste like what I’ve had before but it tastes exactly like a steamed bun bought from a kind lady’s streetcart eaten by the shore of lake Anlong Veng. 

I choose to be thankful for what is, not wishing otherwise. Thanking God for this day he made, for this hour, this person, this place,this prison, this palace. 

The Bible says, “God is the author and finisher of your faith.”. In another passage it says, “I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart.” So I will be thankful for this moment, til I meet God in this moment and either the moment changes or I am changed, deepened, humbled, exhalted, wisened-up, refilled with love, gentleness, understanding, compassion, fire, piss & vinegar, trained to stand and fight for the weak. My roots go down deeper into the love of Christ and I walk with Christ, look like Christ, act like Christ and others Christ in my wake.

Published by Tim

Dad of three, Husband of one, Pastor, Teacher, Runner, Biker.

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