Just be good

Be good. Don’t worry about being great. The pressure you put on yourself does you no good. It stresses your body and chokes your creativity.

Focus on doing work well. Get good at fundamentals. Feel good about doing life well. Don’t live in perpetual disappointment because the full breadth of your work is not spectacular.

Good is relative. Your good might be someone else’s spectacular. Your best could be someone else’s good.

Be good, credible and consistent. In everything you put your hand to do it well. Some things come easier. Some of what you create has a higher quality with greater ease. Some work lights you up. Passion ignites while you do it. Camp out where the quality and passion overlap.

Ask yourself if you’re willing to invest in that intersection to see it go from something good to great.

Published by Tim

Dad of three, Husband of one, Pastor, Teacher, Runner, Biker.

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