Thankfulness isn’t a platitude. It’s a discipline. Practice it like any martial art, use it like any weapon, repeat it like any workout. Use it to survive in dire circumstances. Use it to thrive in good times. Practiced often to discover what you value and see what God is doing. Ignore it and lose yourContinue reading “Thankfulness”

Self improvement through anger

Every time I chose not to break friendship or relationship with someone I grew. I got healed of old damage and grew more responsible for myself and my own actions. But those moments always started with offence and anger. You’re not pushing away from other people you’re pushing away your amazing future self.

Dads: Be a Luke and not a Vader

Thoughts of how the relationship between father and child works have been on my mind this week. It’s funny too because I just realized tomorrow is Father’s Day and I’m listening to the “Vertigo” album from U2 which came out as Bono was working through his relationship to his father. I spent a lot ofContinue reading “Dads: Be a Luke and not a Vader”

Pack light

Just a slight interruption from the series I’m currently writing on… It’s graduation season and I’ve sat through quite a few grad speeches in the past few days. Some were pretty good. Others gave me a few moments to put┬ásome thoughts into my phone to write about later….. As you move on into the nextContinue reading “Pack light”

Take Short Strides

Pick something simple, something strategic, and do it a bunch of times.
Reflect on your result. What should you tweak? Do it again.
Short strides get you up the hill.