The good son or daughter…

I don’t think anything had changed my perspective on leading as a pastor as much as being the father of teenagers. That slow, deliberate move from authority to consultant. I’ve always known it but now I feel it: The true reasons why the Bible demands that leaders first be good leaders in their home. It’sContinue reading “The good son or daughter…”

Investment in every area of your life

Just wanted to give you a quick book recommend. I’ve been following Kris Valloton’s podcast for a while. It’s been very easy to relate to with lots of practical wisdom. Here’s a brilliant thought from hisĀ blogĀ … “…what has God given to you that you could be doing more with? Not out of a place ofContinue reading “Investment in every area of your life”

What do you want to grow?

Pay attention to the environment you create. Your growth may be as much about deciding the conditions as the effort you make. Be deliberate. Pick one thing to change. I bought some basil for a pizza. Normally I let it die in the fridge after a few weeks. But I planted what I didn’t use.Continue reading “What do you want to grow?”

Ready for change? Ready to change

Hey, Summer is almost here. I pulled out my lawnmower and threw out some junk just to say I did some spring cleaning. It’s time to clean out some broken ways of thinking. You act differently when spring arrives or the first Winter blizzard hits. Why would a change of season in your life letContinue reading “Ready for change? Ready to change”